Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lime crime my beautiful rocket

Hey guys, I wanted to toss out a review on lime crime's opaque orange lipstick "my beautiful rocket"....
Im just "ok" with this lip stick. I wanted it to be brighter and feel like this lipstick doesnt pop as much as other swatches Ive seen. To me it looks a lot more like the "cosmopop" swatch. I think cosmopop is pretty but maybe to light for me, and  I was in the market for a bright true orange color. This one falls flat for me.

- It was light enough that I cant even really call it opaque because you could see my natural lip color through it unless i layered on an inappropriate amount of color. I had to put foundation on my mouth to get it to show up a similar color to the one in the tube.

- The texture is light and creamy, it doesnt feel waxy or greasy. 

- Application can sometimes be uneven and collects in creases like bad eye shadow without a primer or foundation in a wrinkle.

- I havent experienced any feathering with this brand of lipstick yet but if you rub your mouth on anything, like most lipsticks,  it will leave streaks on your skin.

- Lime Crime lipsticks come in super cute packaging

   Having said all that i like the color just OK.  Im not super hyped about it, but im not pissed that i bought it either. I would buy this again, just not this color. This color is maybe for somebody else.

Here are some photos of My Beautiful Rocket by Lime Crime  in different lighting.
kthnxbai! :]