Monday, February 4, 2013

On the super bowl commercials.

         First off I would like to say on a less bitchy note... that Budweiser clydesdale commercial did not tug at my heart strings,  and I cant really understand why everybody thought it was so great. For me it was all about the tide commercial where the husbands (49ers) jersey stain is was washed by his wife (ravens fan).

         Anyway on to the real nitty gritty.  I want to address all this uproar around how offensive the calvin klein and go daddy adds were.

        Regarding the go daddy commercial.... smmfgdh. I personally dont think its a huge deal, I dont even really care that the stereotypical dorky i.t.  was "gross".  Realistically you would never be as close to anybodys face as that camera was if you happen to catch a PDA in action. What turned me off the most is all those mouth noises! Have you ever sat near somebody (usually men) eating a banana or yogurt? Sometimes you can hear people chewing these things, and i dont mean just the gross swishes around in their mouths I means you can hear teeth smacking contact as if a banana needs that much force to break down, or yogurt even.... but that shit is gross. Hands down I dont need to hear it. I damn sure dont wanna hear 2 people slobberin all over each others face chunk meat.

           As  for the calvin klein commercial... this is a beautifully sculpted mother fucker who has worked very hard on his body and now can be paid for it. Yes hes totally hot but so is the chick in that other commercial (i guess) and so is beyonce and pretty much every other woman you see on tv all day. This guy IS very attractive. Im not going to be dreaming about him all night and it doesnt turn my head away from the guy who is the current object of my affection, who happens to be a regular guy who i happen to think is hot as all get out. Is it not the same for guys? A momentary appreciation and then back to reality?

        What i dont understand is this huge flood in twitter of men just so up in arms about this commercial. Actually this morning its more humorous. Two that caught my attention were something to the effect of "just put on my new calvin klein underwear now im going to be dragging women around clinging to my legs" and "put on some of those calvin klien underwear and i definitely didnt turn into an underwear model".  Humor is both sexy and refreshing, sometimes admirable in fact.
The huge turn off for me is all these men who are calling it hypocritical for women to "have" this commercial and be upset about the go daddy commercial.

        Ummm....... last time i checked i didnt have a jar anywhere in my room full of commercials that somebody gave me, and im pretty sure none of you guys were gifted commercials either. I dont understand how men "have" all these commercials... and so much more. Women all over the place. Understand that if you take a woman to the movies you will probably see a pair of tits and she doesnt usually get anything. How do you think that feels to her if she even cares at all? Maybe it makes her jealous  that she doesnt have any dicks or man asses and you have tits... or maybe  she feels just as insecure as you when you didnt know how to handle the one super buff almost naked dude. Grow the fuck up.  Its ok for everybody or its not of for anybody. If  you are that upset about it then go buy a set of weights and be happy with yourself instead of being about how disgusting he is, because he is in fact a god and you are a whiny insecure little bitch. Change it or shut the fuck up and enjoy who you are.

More over why do any of you give a shit? It was 30 seconds of your life, it was a commercial.
Most of you dont even watch commercials ever except on this day.
To everybody who is having a hard time dealing with these 2 ads please turn off your tv and hang your head in shame, because clearly are not adult enough to handle tv and need to go regroup and collect your emotional shit.

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